2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 19 – Wed, Jan 18

Didn’t leave the house today, so you get another picture of my healing left leg.  Did some work, had some calls, even some interviews for potential Chicago jobs.  I think they all went well.

Overdid it a bit with the two back to back Concannon events.  Too much standing at the event Monday night.  And not enough elevation Tuesday.  Paying the painful price today.  Will get out tomorrow for a walk and push though.

Dan’s going to do some more Reiki on me later.

I did mange to get back on the writing horse and publish my next article for The Washington Times.  This one all about Golden Gate Park.  Since I’m not really mobile, I needed to write about something that was easily researchable online and also something that I already was very familiar with.  Here’s a link to check it out.


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2 thoughts on “Day 19 – Wed, Jan 18

  1. I hope everything works out:) Good luck with the healing process and I’m pretty sure that the Reiki will do the trick. Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

    • Thanks so much for your wishes! I’m used to recovery from surgeries (rotator cuff twice and a handful of others)… but this is a totally different type of surgery. But I’m making progress and I’m sure the Reiki is helping. I’m very fortunate to have my husband.

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