2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 22 – Saturday, January 21

This morning we woke to a bright sunny sky with only a few puffs of white clouds.  Such a day moves you to get outside.  So Dan and I went for my longest walk yet.  We started out walking into the Presidio through the 15th Avenue Gate.  I decided to try a wee bit of a hill.  Hills are definitely difficult.  But I went slow and managed to do it.  Instead of continuing up hill we went right to take the trail that goes under Park Presidio and into Mt. Lake Park.

I was able to go uphill again towards the golf course.  The views make it all worth it.  No matter how many times you see them, they are gorgeous.  Round trip we were out for nearly an hour!  A new record!

After such an endeavor, Dan wanted to do some more Reiki on me.  We had plans that evening to go cheer on some friends in their playoff tennis match at SFTC.  Then potentially to go to some wine bar in Sausalito afterwards.

En route to SFTC, we drove past city hall… all decked out for the 49ers. 

I hope they win tomorrow so I can go out and get a proper photo…not just one taken from the car as we drove by.

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