2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 28 – Friday, January 27

We woke this morning to ever denser fog than yesterday.  Visibility is probably being measured in inches instead of feet today!  Then, just like that, the sun broke through and the pea soup fog was replaced with warm sunshine, bright blue skies and not a single cloud.

Before and after.  I love and hate San Francisco weather!  This photo was literally taken 30 minutes after the other.

Today I’m busy with work for clients.  Catching up after watching too much tennis.  I’m going to walk down to Misty’s office to pick up my keys from her, otherwise I’ll be “locked in” my house today.  And on what turned into such a fine day, that is unacceptable.

Tonight I’m meeting James from CookWithJames out for an early vino happy hour down at Internos.  Have all sorts of stuff to catch up with him on.  I’m hoping to have him do an event for me at Millennium Tower (new client) for VD (Valentine’s Day).

Then I’m heading downtown to The Thirsty Bear for Brad’s birthday celebration.  Definitely pushing the leg boundaries again today.  I’m hoping the walk will help keep me going later today.  Keep the blood flowin.

Dan’s performing his first non-friend, non-family member Reiki session tonight on one of Misty’s friends.  Excited for him.  We’ll find out later how it went.

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