2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 30 – Sunday, January 29

Today I awoke to an absolutely gorgeous day.  Sunny, warm, no rain or fog.  I reached out to my friend Mary to see if she would be up for a nice long hike.  And to my delight…she was!  Mary met me at my place and we walked down to Lands End and through the picturesque Lands End hiking trails.  The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the wonderful bits of SF scenery that you see along the way.

This by far was my toughest challenge yet.  Up and down and up and down hills, stairs and dirt paths.  All along the coastline until we reached the Sutro Bath ruins and Lands End overlook.

I’m not sure of how far we went, but I figure it has to be about 3 or 4 miles round trip.  Woohoo!  Needless to say, I think I’ll take a bit of a rest on Monday and see how the leg is feeling.

After my hike with Mary, I hooked a ride with Michele to head up to Marin to watch Misty and Michele’s playoff combo tennis match vs. Mt. Tam.  What a lovely day for tennis.  I grab a spot in the sun and helped cheer them on to victory.  I must have been the good luck charm! 

Today wasn’t all warm fuzzy sunshine though.  Two sad things happened.  First, Michele and her dude had a “talk” last night and they are going to be “taking a break” from seeing each other regularly.  It breaks my heart to see Michele in the state that she’s in.  She’s a wonderful woman that really tried to put herself out there and make something special happen with someone.  I don’t know if this is the end of their relationship, but Michele needs to know at her core that she’s a gem of a human being and any guy would be lucky to have her.

The worst news of all came late in the day.  My great friend Cedric emailed me to tell me that he lost his younger brother after a 10 month long battle with lung cancer.  This makes me incredibly sad just to even type this.  Cedric is very tight with his family and the very thought of not only losing a brother, but losing him at the young age of 31 is even worse.  Life doesn’t seem fair when things like this happen.  No matter what your personal, spiritual and religious beliefs are, this doesn’t make much sense to me.  I end this post with a moment of silence in remembrance of Vincent and the family he’s left behind.  May you be in a better place and be at peace now that your struggle is over.


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