2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 37 – Sunday, February 5

Today marked my return to the tennis courts.  One month post-op. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect.  I figured I’d be a bit slow, maybe my timing off too.  Well, I certainly didn’t lose my ability to hit the ball after 5 weeks off.  Dan and I had some good rallies.  Oh man am I slow.  But it still felt good to get out there and hit the ball around.

My rotator cuff wasn’t exactly happy afterwards, but that’s what ice and Advil are for.  I figure another hitting session or two this week and I’ll be ready to rejoin my regular Monday morning doubles with the ladies.

I was happy we got out and hit for another reason… the Super Bowl is today.  That means all sorts of munching on notso good for me snacks.  Dan, Misty and I headed over to Brad’s where we met Michele, Meg, a few of Brad’s friends and a few of Meg’s friends.  The food was yummy, as was the wine.

At least the game wasn’t a total blowout.  If the Bears aren’t in the game, I could care less.

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