2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 41 – Thursday, February 9

Today was an amazing day.  Dan and I drove up to Santa Rosa (Sonoma) California for a few days.  Through my writing for The Washington Times Communities, I get invited to try all sorts of tours.  From wine to wild animals.  Literally.

Today we went to Safari West for their annual “Sex Safari” complete with stories of copulation and mating rituals, all while drinking a glass or two of wine and eating chocolate.

I’d never been to Safari West before.  Admittedly I didn’t even know it existed.  So I wasn’t sure what to expect.  We started off with a glass of wine and some chocolate while we waited for the rest of the invited guests to arrive.  When the show officially started, they kicked things off with an insect show and tell.  Cockroaches, spiders and scorpions.  I elected not to hold the cockroach, but I did hold the tarantula spider.  It’s bum was super soft and feet slightly sticky.

The scorpion glowed when they shut off the lights and flashed a black light at it.  It was like a retro 80s party in there.

Finally all the guests arrived and we were onto the open air rugged safari trucks.  There is seating up top, so Dan and I elected to climb aboard and give it a go.  So happy we did.  We could see everything from up there.

One of the first areas we went to was full of giraffes.  Now this isn’t anything like a zoo.  You are in the areas with the animals.  They are roaming free.  So they give you the advice to stay in the vehicle.  That’s good advice. So we stayed put.

No sooner than the tour began, but this male giraffe named Dozer comes right up to the stopped/parked truck, leans in and starts sniffing me.  Our tour guide Travis also gave us the advice to not pet any of the animals.  Some of them take it as a sign of aggression if you reach out towards them.  So I sat there and let Dozer sniff away.

I guess he liked me enough to lick my neck and then chew on my hair a little.  According to Travis, the male giraffes like blondes.  Lucky me.  Next Dozer moved down to my arm, wrapped his mouth around my wrist and forearm and started sucking on my arm.  I was videoing the experience, but the file is so large I haven’t figured out how to get it off my phone yet.  When I do, I’ll update this post with the actual video vs. the photo.

After Dozer completely checked me out, he went on his way, as did we.  Stopping often to check out the different wild animals that call the Safari home.  Zebras, rhinos, cheetahs, monkeys, hundreds of birds and so much more.

Now the sex safari tour is just for adults.  Being as how there is wine drinking as well as mating stories.  But the safari in general was a wonderful experience for adults and kids alike.

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