2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 44 – Sunday, February 12

Today was a half lazy day, half organizing day.  I guess that’s what Sundays are for.  After spending the past few days busy busy busy in Sonoma, it was nice to not be so busy for a while.  After lounging around most of the morning, Dan went to the office to make up some hours.  And I needed to finish my photo project and get it in the mail.  I bought one of those group coupons for photo scanning.  2000 photos worth.

2000 photos does add up pretty quickly.  My main goal was to get all my pre-digital camera vacation photos scanned.  Europe, Australia and various places around the US.  It will be nice when its all complete…but it took work to get them ready to ship.  Pulled out of photo albums, organized by vacation and/or time period, grouped in batches of 100-150 photos bound with a rubberband.  They really make you work for it.  But all the organizing up front will mean my photos are in good order so I know how to find them.

Phew…a few hours later and everything is organized, packed up and ready to ship.

Now I have just enough time to do my Brazilian workout before Dan comes home from work.  These are pretty hard workouts, I can already tell if I stick with it, I most certainly will have results.

The Grammys are on tonight!  For some silly reason the west coast feed isn’t live, we were delayed until 8pm.  So I had to back away from my computer otherwise I’d know all the results in advance.  Not as much fun that way.  Dan has really turned me on to the Foo Fighters in the past few years.  We’ve seen them live twice now.  Dave Grohl is one of the best live performers I think I’ve ever seen.  I was so happy to see they won 5 or so awards.  They deserve them. 

Overall a pretty chill day.  Dinner with Dan while watching the Grammys topping it all off.  Misty did come by and pick up Bailey cat.  We’d been watching her the past several weeks as she went through her break up drama and moving out and into a new place.  She’s in her new place and settled, so she picked her up and introduced her to her new home.  We’ll visit you soon Bailey (and Misty).


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