2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 50 – Saturday, February 18

Today we had to wake up early to gather at Dan’s sister’s house for their mom’s birthday.  For her 70th birthday she wanted to head down to the Monterey Aquarium.  Dan had never been, I hadn’t been for about 10 years and Linda had last been about 6 years ago.

The Bay Bridge West-bound is closed this President’s Day weekend to do some work connecting part of the new span of the bridge to the old span.  We were able to drive to Kristy’s in Oakland, but we will have to go back to our house another way later.

We drove down to Monterey with Linda and Nancy.  It was about 11:30 by the time we got down there.  We parked and looked for a place to go to lunch before heading into the aquarium.  Linda chose Johnny Rockets (gross), so that’s where we went.  I still smell like greasy cheeseburgers.  But it’s her birthday and that’s where she wanted to go.

The Monterey Aquarium isn’t that big.  I’m comparing it to the Shed Aquarium in Chicago though, which would dwarf any aquarium.  They do have an awesome jelly fish exhibit.  They also added sea otters and sea horses since my last visit. 

After the aquarium we headed up to Morgan Hill, where we grabbed an early dinner.  My friend Vada texted me a few ideas.  Sadly, the super cute Italian place was overbooked and you have to have a reservation there.  We’ll have to plan ahead and try it next time.  One of his other recommendations was a bit of a pub, but they actually had some pretty decent food.  Everyone seemed to enjoy their food.  I even got a glass of decent Zinfandel there.  I figured Vada wouldn’t steer us wrong.

Tomorrow we are heading to the San Jose opera.  So excited!!!



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