2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 51 – Sunday, February 19

Today Dan and I went to the Opera for the first time.  I’ve seen opera performances, but never a complete opera.  So I’m very excited.  The San Jose Opera offered us tickets so I would come down and potentially provide some press coverage for SJ.

But first we met one of my B4M clients, Rob, down at Bill’s in San Jose for some brunch.  I’m so happy that Rob got there a bit early.  The line was crazy long.  Recommendation from Vada.  Next time we’ll be sure to get there early or late… but never right at 1pm.

Onward to the opera…

The opera we went to see was La Traviata being held at the California Theatre in downtown San Jose.  I’ve probably listened to this opera a hundred times, but never have seen it live.  I forgot that Sunday afternoon means we were there will the blue hair crowd.  Not that it mattered.  But we were the youngest people there….next to a few girls we saw that were there with their grandparents.

The California theatre is beautiful.  Quaint with an exclusive feel to it.  Restored to all its earlier glory.  Complete with marble entry way, magnificent hanging chandeliers, and a brilliantly colored ceiling.  This 1,119 seat theatre is one of the best preserved examples of 1920s motion picture houses in the US.  A breathtaking place to see and hear an opera.

Jouvanca Jean-Baptise played Violetta.  She’s young, and boy does she have talent.  Keep an eye on her.  She’s going places.  I was most impressed with Torlef Borsting, who played Alfredo’s father, Giorgio Germont.  He showed excellent timing, delivery and emotion.  I would love to see him again.

I was on the verge of tears in Act 2.  But I held it together.  But then in the final act, I was a goner.  The build up to the end is fantastically horrific.  I thought I was going to weep out loud.  Brava.

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