2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 60 – Tuesday, February 28

Tonight Michele and I headed down to San Jose for the opening night of Cinequest, an international film festival.  The night kicked off with a mini red carpet for the actors, directors, etc.  The opening night movie was The Lady held at California Theatre.  This is the same theatre that Dan and I saw the opera at last week.

The Lady was a moving, powerful film about the struggles for democracy in Berma.  Great acting and an emotional struggle in their fight for independence.  Highly recommend seeing it.

After the movie there was a VIP party.  I was told that it was a black tie optional party.  So Michele and I dressed accordingly.  I later laughed at this statement of black tie option as I was hit on by some dude from Fresno dressed in head to toe denim.

The wine was below average, as was the crowd. So Michele and I decided to bail on the party and head to our hotel lounge for a drink at the Fairmont.  They are sure to have better wine and ambiance.

As we were walking into the hotel we nearly bumped into this older gentleman who looked happy as a clam.  We asked him to join us for a drink… he said, hell… I’ll pay.

Turns out he was this guy Joel that was a pretty big wig at Fox producing.  Runs some huge film festival in Spain now in his retired state.

Somewhere around 1:30am Joel retired to his room, and no sooner than he left, these two dudes sidled up and make themselves at home on our table.  Michele seemed to get along and like one of them, so I played wing man.

I suppose we went to bed about 3:30 in the morning.  Time for bed.

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