2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 68 – Wednesday, March 7

Very busy work day today.  Marisa from Ronin is in town for the MT project.  Today and tomorrow are packed with meetings.   Today, meeting with Perry’s to finalize the partnership.  Then off to Dog Patch to meet with Qualia Wines. Qualia is going to be opening an urban winery.  This is in addition to their boutique winery in Sonoma near Glen Ellen.  Both meetings went very well.  The meeting with Qualia was a bit more enjoyable…just because we got to drink wine and do some barrel tasting.

After the Qualia meeting, Marisa, Alex and I went to Piccino to grab a light bite and chat some more.  Great little spot that I had never been to before.  Lovely decor, the exact right amount of lighting and delicious food and wine.  I’ve probably been around Piccino a hundred times, but never knew it was there.  Will have to go back. 

After finishing up at Piccino, Marisa and I head back downtown towards MT.  We were going to try and sit at the bar at RN74, but it looked packed as we drove by.  I rounded the corner and found parking right in front of Town Hall.  So we figured the outstanding parking karma meant we were supposed to eat there.

Sure enough, we walk in and there are two seats at the bar.  I just love the look of this place.  We feel right at home at the bar.  We order another delicious light bite and yummy glass of wine to finish off the evening.  Dan met us there and just as he arrived, another seat opened up.  Two of Marisa’s colleagues joined us a bit later.  We all chatted and sipped for a while before calling it a night. 


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