2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 69 – Thursday, March 8

Another busy work day with Marisa in town.  Three meetings scheduled.  First with Twenty Five Lusk.  I LOVE this place.  The architect did a fabulous job.  Plus the chef is amazing as is their sommelier.  We met to discuss ideas around partnership.  Great meeting and idea exchange.  We are excited to bring them on board. 

Next we have about 40 minutes before our next meeting…so a rushed meal for me again.  Marisa and I head to RN74 to sit at the bar.  Packed as usual, but room for two at the bar.  We quickly order, scarf and speed over to MT to meet Phoenix Supper Club

What an absolutely brilliant idea!  Secret location supper club in locations that are not restaurants and never the same place twice. You get an email one week before the event telling you a location to be at where you are picked up via limo and taken to the secret location.  Um, yes please!  High hopes to pull off something very unique here.

Marisa had to take off for the airport, so I finished up with another perfect meeting with Chaya.  Very fond memories of having drinking meetings with Jason here when he worked for Inc.  Oh my, yes we did.  We might have single handed been responsible for an increase in demand for Sancerre wine. I’ll be going back to reacquaint myself with their menu. 

The day was just too perfect.  Warm, not much of a breeze.  Perfect for going for a hike in the Presidio.

Dan met me at MT and we drove back home, met Michele and went off for a hike.  Those stairs by the overlook are killer.  I need to do those every day!  Get my lung capacity back up to snuff. 

Then quiet dinner at home with Thursday night TV under the full moon.  Perfect.

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