2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 72 – Sunday, March 11

By the time we got home last night from San Jose, it was pretty late.  We pretty much went right to bed.  Sunday was used for what it is meant to be used for… lazy day / cleaning day, with a little tennis thrown in for good measure.

There is a storm blowing in, so we are hoping to get tennis in before it rains.  Court time of 11:30 in the Presidio at the Fort Scott courts.  We are on court for about 20 minutes, and sure enough, it starts misting.  Misting hard enough that the courts are pretty wet. 

But we decide to play through it… looks like there is blue sky in Marin.  Sure enough, the sun came back out and the courts started to dry.  By the time we left they were mostly dry. Which is a miracle for the Presidio courts by the way.  Must have been the right amount of wind.

I either tweaked my back sleeping, cleaning or playing tennis.  It was tight the whole time we played.  We got home and it got worse and worse.  Dan tried to do a little Reiki and massage.  I think it helped.  But it was so flared up it was hard to tell.

We crossed the Golden Gate Bridge that night to have dinner at Misty’s house in Mill Valley and take Bailey back home after a long vacation.  Pizza and vino… 2005 Rodney Strong Cab…might be the best dinner ever… next to French food in general.  Yum!

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