2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 76 – Thursday, March 15

My day began with the news that my scheduled cap at the dentists office was now going to be a root canal.  Er, no.  I don’t do well with root canals…not that anyone really does, other than the dentist.  My dentist doesn’t have anything other than novicane that he can give me.  So I ask for a referral.  Turns out there is a dentist down the street from me that specializes in root canals.  Day in day out, drill, drool and recover.  Sounds like my kinda guy.

At least I don’t have to get a cap today…but I will be getting a root canal next week.

Off I went to meet Richard down at Salesforce’s CloudForce conference at Moscone West.  These things usually bore me to tears, but Ric and I can get some work done then he can go off and see who looks interesting to talk to.

We met upstairs at their “work lounge.”  I use quotes because what work lounge is equipped with all bean bag chairs and only a few low tables?  Its not like the average age in that place was 21…I’d say it was closer to 41 or 51.  Reluctantly I plopped onto a chair and we worked.  Don’t ask me to get up.  I can already picture the move to get up…it resembles what I had to do when I tried snowboarding for the first time.  Roll off to my side, get on my hands and knees and push up until catching my balance. 

Luckily it wasn’t that bad…but still.  Bean bag chairs?  What is it? 1999 dot.com boom all over again?

After a bit of work, it was lunchtime.  Apparently the folks at Salesforce do think everyone is 21 or under.  The food resembled a grade school cafeteria.  Mac and cheese, chicken fingers… no need to go on.  So we opted to head out to lunch.

One of my fav places is right down the street… The Grove on Mission.  The line wasn’t too bad and we were able to get a table.  It was definitely a grilled cheese sort of day vs. a salad kind of day.  So much rain just cried out for it.  Yum!

Then back home to get some work done before the evening plans.  So excited!  Went to see Mingus Dynasty performing for the Charles Mingus birthday celebration at Yoshi’s SF.  I’d been listening to some Mingus for the past few days to prepare myself.  As expected, some of the compositions played were more of the heavy composition.  Most of that stuff leaves me bewildered that anyone can create that from scratch, but also is a bit harder to listen to.  Hard to understand where its coming from and where its going. 

I could tell that Dan was not having a good time.  At least on those heavy composition pieces.  At least they finished with Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting.  My absolute favorite!  And the only really heavy bass piece they played all night.


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