2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 77 – Friday, March 16

After a bit of a let down at the Charles Mingus concert last night, I was ready to have a nice glass of vino.  Spent most of the day working for both Perk Consulting and for the Washington Times.  My artist friend Justin came over so I could interview him and tell his story in one of my articles.  He’s come a long way since his early art days in Boston.  He’s grown a lot as a person and as an artist.

Like a lot of artists, he’s highly emotional and paints with his heart and not his mind.  He wants you to feel the art as opposed to see the art, taking you on a magical, spiritual journey with him. 

The Moon and the Waves, by Justyn Zolli

Opening of the Channel, by Justyn Zolli

After my interview with Justin, I did a bit more work downtown before meeting my friend James at Internos Wine Cafe for happy hour.  We’d left a few items at James’s house after Dan’s surprise birthday dinner there a few weeks ago. Liza took the usual great care of us.  Thanks Liza!

James filled me in on his single dating drama.  Some of the crazy shit that women do while dating (men too for that matter), never ceases to amaze me.  A few glasses of wine later, Dan met us at the bar and thankfully, he drove us home.  James continued on in his evening with friends. Luckily we left before Adnon, one of the owners, got there… otherwise our glasses would have remained filled and we would have ended up leaving somewhere around midnight.


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