2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 78 – Saturday, March 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!  St. Patty’s Day being on a Saturday is just asking for trouble.  Amateur hour at its best.  Only rivaled by New Year’s Eve, Halloween and Bay to Breakers in San Francisco.

I begin my day battling with my editor to get my very relevant Irish Whiskey article posted before St. Patty’s day.  It should not take 4 days to get a story up!  My immediate supervising editor failed to tell me she was going on location in the DR for a story.  So the chief editor had to step in.  I know she’s overrun with work, but 4 days!  Finally I get my story up about Concannon Irish Whiskey and California wine.

I start out the day going to a baby shower.  That’s right, a baby shower.  Who ever planned it probably wasn’t thinking about the date.  The party was in the Marina, aka drunken paradise filled with douche bags and drama queen ex-sorority girls.  I’m confident the puking began sometime after 1pm.  And continued through the rest of the day.  Boot and rally!

After about as much ooing and ahhhing I could handle at the cute baby outfits and tiny socks, Misty and I headed out to SFTC for some tennis.  Tennis after champagne too.  At least it was doubles.

We both actually played pretty well.  We lost, but I think the champagne induced slow start had a lot to do with it.  If we had time for another set, I’m confident we’d be victorious. 

Misty’s mystery blind date, set up by her manicurist, met us at the club for a drink post match.  They seemed to get on ok, so they headed out to dinner.  Dan was sweet enough to meet us at the club, have a drink with us and then took me home.

On the way back home we saw more evidence of drunken debauchery.  Stumbling, bumbling, staggering, sweating, puking, yelling, drag queening, stripping, smoking, dancing and shadow boxing.  Glad I was in the car… double check the doors are locked. 😉

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