2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 83 – Thursday, March 22

Busy-ish day of work today.  Had to make up for my lack of work on Monday and yesterday with the root canal.  Dan and I had a fun evening planned… the folks over at Chaya offered to treat Dan and I to a 3-course dinner.  Part of the partnership with MT, but also, I’m sure, as a food and travel writer.

I really love the ambiance at Chaya.  It’s right on the Embarcadero.  Romantic views of the Bay and the Bay Bridge.  They had us set up in a nice, private and quiet table in the corner, with views of the whole restaurant, and the Bridge.  They started be off with some sushi and a Sancere.  Yum to both.  The salmon and yellowtail just melted in my mouth.  Dan, not being a sushi fan, had short ribs over risotto, that he absolutely loved.  Fell right off the bone.

Next we had a mixed plate of duck on one side and a fillet on the other.  That was probably the best duck I’ve had in a long time.  It was cooked to perfection.  And served with delicious Swiss chard. I had two different wine pairings.  A David Bruce pinot to go with the duck and a lovely Syrah to pair with the filet.

Dessert was next up.  An unbelievable chocolate bread pudding with caramel ice cream.  And the second was a cookie/ice cream combo.  Tiny oatmeal cookies with salted caramel ice cream sandwiched in between.  I had to pinch myself… heaven.

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