2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 85 – Saturday, March 24

Ah Saturday.  Lazy day.  Rainy day.  And there is 12 hours of coverage of the Sony Ericsson Open on Tennis Channel.  Perfect!  Breakfast, coffee, lounging.  How dreamy.

Somewhere around 3pm Dan and I motivate, get dressed, pack up some things and head downtown to Union Square to spend Dan’s Macy’s giftcard that’s been burning a hole in his pocket.  Shopping with Dan can be quite awful.  He’s so picky and closed minded when it comes to clothes and fashion.  He’s come a long way from the 1990s baggy levis that he was wearing when we met.  But it is certainly baby steps.

We actually bought two red shirts!  That’s huge for Dan.  Anything that isn’t black, gray, brown or blue is a huge step.  And we even got some fun shorts for those hot Chicago summers.

The rains continued all day.  Good thing we were playing tennis indoors at SFTC with Misty and Ted.  We got to the club a little early.  Thankfully shopping didn’t take too long.

We had a great time, although I don’t think anyone was really playing their A-game.  Ted hadn’t played for years…so he had a good excuse.  The rest of us…well, we had no excuse.  I’ll blame Ted since he’s the new guy.

After tennis we got a drink at the bar and sat chatting overlooking the 12 courts.  Everyone worked up quite the appetite playing, so we ventured out into the rain and grabbed dinner at Brickhouse Cafe.  I like Brickhouse.  I used to go there a lot when my ad agency office was down the street.  It has a wonderful laid back vibe, decent wine menu and good food that isn’t too rough on the wallet.

With my root canal still f’ing killing me, my food choices are limited.  No burgers or anything, I just wouldn’t be able to eat it.  So a salad for me and a side of steamed cauliflower.  The salad was quite good…and large.  It looks like I ate none of it after grazing for about an hour.  That just might be lunch Sunday.

After dinner, I asked Ted if he had any wine at his place.  He lives down the street and was convenient to continue the evening there.  Ted is a contractor that fancies himself a wine loving photographer.  So it was actually a perfect recommendation.  He’s got a very cool loft like space in SOMA.  And a wine fridge that had me drooling instantly.  Wine envy kicked in hard.

Ted opened up a very bold and smooth cab… if memory serves me right, it was from Roy Estate in Napa.  Ted shared some photos from a recent trip to Africa.  Safari, guides, animals in the wild, nature and locals.  Just gorgeous.

The evening finished as we emptied the bottle of wine.

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