2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 91 – Friday, March 30

Ah Friday!  Not that I had a particularly stressful week.  I actually think I was quite lazy.  But the idea of being even lazier over the weekend is somehow appealing.

A few work things with MT and XTRM.  Nothing too strenuous.  The real gem of Friday is dinner at James’s house.  James is a cook and runs an underground supper club out of his house (or yours if you prefer), called Cook With James.  I had Dan’s surprise 40th birthday party there.  It was fantastic!

It was just me, Dan, James and Misty tonight.  A seemingly calm, but delicious night ahead of us.  It was anything but calm.  I ended up getting home at 4am and stinking of crazy oregano oil.  How did I get to this point?

Rewind a bunch of hours.  Misty and I headed over to Cheese Plus on Polk Street to pick up a small mix of cheese for appetizers.  I have a chilled bottle of Viognier ready to drink.  Misty has a chilled bottle of champagne.  And I already have 2 bottles of red at James’s house from our excursion to Livermore earlier in the week.

Things start innocently enough…as they often do.  Bottle of champagne.  Gone.  Bottle of Concannon Viognier, finished.  Murrieta’s Well red blend called Spur, emptied.  Murrieta’s Well Cab Franc…toast.  I should mention that Dan is not drinking wine.  So its just the 3 of us.

We did actually eat in between all this wine.  And the food was quite good.  Cheese to start, salad with fresh mozzarella.  I’m sorry I can’t even recall what we had next.  And 3 different kinds of meat for the main, grilled to perfection over James’s fireplace grill. 

Somewhere around midnight, Dan ran out of steam.  He left the three of us to our merriment and continued debauchery.  Who even knows where the time went?  I’m pretty sure there was one more bottle of red opened too.

Somehow the conversation got on these crazy oils and elixirs that James has.  James convinces Misty to do a shot of this oregano oil and me olive oil, citing it’s “good for us.” Thankfully I had the olive oil and not that awful oregano.  The look on Misty’s face was priceless though.  I wish I’d caught it on my camera. 

Then the conversation took a turn to beat up on Sherrie for moving and bashing Dan for making me move.  Well it hasn’t happened yet and change is a good thing.

Next thing I recall, we’re back on the topic of these crazy oils and James makes up the fact that they get rid of moles.  They smeared some on my mole on my left shoulder/clavicle.  And now the smell just won’t leave my shirt.  The cab driver on the way home was rolling down his window and coughing.  Priceless.

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