2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 92 – Saturday, March 31

Why is it, as we get older, we can’t sleep off a booze night anymore?  Prior to 38, you’d drink to much, and you’d sleep it off.  Maybe wake up in the early morning, down some more water and some Advil, go back to bed, wake up late morning, and feel totally fine!

Remember how I left last night… er, this morning.  Home at 4am.  Probably 4:30 by the time I got to bed.  Up at 7:30.  Wha?  Son of a beatch.

Dan’s been working as much OT as he can to get the hours in his doc review job while they last.  So he needed to get up and out to the office.  I could have slept… but nope.  Reluctantly awake, and totally useless.  I think I managed to do the dishes.  Didn’t even shower.  Watched tennis and baseball nearly all day.  Ate soup.  Something about soup when you’re hungover is perfection.  That and nachos.

Had plans to go out with Erin Saturday night…nope.  Continued uselessness.  Dan came home, we popped frozen pizza in the oven (couldn’t even be bothered to cook).  And watched TV.  Fell asleep at 9:30. 


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