2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 95 – Tuesday, April 3

Feeling better after my fixer-upper session with Dr. Tiltmann yesterday.  That man is a miracle worker.

Today the entire day is spent at Ad:Tech.  I used my credentials as a writer to get a free pass to this 2-day event.  In the past, Ad:Tech used to be awesome.  Right at the cusp of technology advertising.  Over the years its dwindled a lot.  The problem is everyone is so competitive they don’t want to share any information of how they are finding advertising and marketing success.

And why is it that no one can seem to figure out how to organize conferences properly.  At big conferences you have all types of people with different skill sets and different levels of understanding.  I suggest to conference management that they start offering different level sessions, like college.  100 level sessions for the beginners, 200, 300 etc.  This will help both the attendees and speakers.  Will someone please get this going!

The true stars of this conference are the new technology, social and mobile start ups.  The opening keynote was a gal from Amazon…boring!  They’re not doing, or maybe not telling, if they are doing something groundbreaking.  Groundbreaking for them maybe, just not for the industry.

My friend and colleague Michele S. met me there.  We walked around the showroom floor and I snuck her into the press room, keynotes and presentation rooms.  Just walk with a purpose and no one really stops you. 

I grabbed two boxed lunches off the lunch table and popped a squat in the press room.  We met a gal named Mary over lunch who has all sorts of stuff she does.  From e-commerce to green tech.

The day wrapped up with a beer crawl on the two levels of the showroom floors.  We walked around, met a few folks, had a few beers.  Then were on our way.   I’ll go back tomorrow morning to attend a few of the sessions.  Probably the start up sessions.


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