2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 96 – Wednesday, April 4

Day 2 of Ad Tech today.  I’m hoping the two morning sessions I attend will be more interesting than yesterday’s keynotes. Traffic was a bit of a disaster trying to get downtown, and somehow I ended up in Chinatown.  And shockingly…it must have been early enough, the traffic there wasn’t too horrible.  And I got a great view of the Bay Bridge as I headed down to Financial District.

The first session I attend is one about new advancements in creative.  All about AR (augmented reality) and HTML5.  This was a good session for me.  Saw some pretty good examples of creative.  One of the guys giving the presentation was from Red Bull and he was sharing a lot of what they are doing creatively and some of the triumphs and hardships they found with each creative approach. 

The second session was one of the Start-up Spotlights.  Much more interesting to me.  This one was about advancements in data.  All 5 of the presenters had very interesting technology advancements in data.  From image tagging to competitive advertising metrics. 

The items on the schedule in the afternoon didn’t look terribly interesting, so I decided to head home and spend the rest of the afternoon working.


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