2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 97 – Thursday, April 5

A little bit of work to be done after spending the past two days at Ad Tech.  I’ve been slacking at keeping up with this daily blog too.  A general feeling of lethargicness and slothness has begun to overpower me today.

I think the problem is that I don’t have a crazy amount to do today and tomorrow.  And when I’m not super busy… I seem to do nothing.  I’ll see if I can break that cycle next week.  I think I will just embrace the slothness for the next two days and re-engage next week.

My cook friend James, who also writes a food column for the Nob Hill Gazette, didn’t have a great experience at Twenty Five Lusk the one and only time he’d been there.  So I reached out to the owners and asked if they wanted the chance to change his mind.  They agreed they wanted that chance and offered us dinner.  In total, me, James, Dan and James’s friend Jim went to dinner. 

I started with the salmon appetizer and thought it was delicious.  Simple, and elegant.   James got these champagne oysters that were tasty, but a little odd.  They had this iced champagne on them.  Dan had the gnocchi and we both thought it was delicious.

I had the lamb for my main.  Dan the steak.  James the pork and Jim the prawns.  Dan’s steak was the winner of the 4.  My lamb and Jim’s shrimp were both tasty as well.  I didn’t try the pork so I can’t attest to its flavor.

We had some lovely french red wine with dinner.  I should have written it down so I could buy a bottle.

Overall I really enjoyed the evening.  The food was lovely, the wine was great and the atmosphere at Twenty Five Lusk is without compare.

Dinner took a pretty long time, on purpose.  Sadly, everyone was pooped and full and we didn’t venture downstairs to their super cool lounge and bar.  If you get a chance, you should definitely check it out!

Twenty Five Lusk - downstairs lounge, san francisco

Twenty Five Lusk - downstairs bar, San Francisco

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