2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 100 – Sunday, April 8

Easter Sunday has arrived.  Sort of snuck up on me.  Typically we’d get together with Dan’s family on this blessed day.  But we had no plans.

The rains cleared and the skies looked magnificent, so we decided to check out the activities in Golden Gate Park today vs. our usual hike through the Presidio.

Lots going on.  People were everywhere…like white on rice… or brown on rice if that’s your preference.  Sunday Streets was in full effect so no need to bother ourselves with car traffic. Just have to keep our heads on a swivel looking for bikers, joggers, skaters, moms running their baby weight off in their tripped out high octane off road strollers and of course, fellow walkers like us.

The flowers are really out in bloom now.  You know all that April rains bring May flowers crap…well the timeline is always a bit sped up in San Francisco.  We see the first blooms in February and they continue into March and April. 

We spent most of our time hiking around and up Stow Lake.  There is a magnificent view from the top of Stow Lake.  One only rivaled by the tower at the DeYoung Museum.  Paddleboaters, canoers, picnicers, and strollers.  We saw just about everything. 

Even just walking around the neighborhoods, everyone’s garden is in full, colorful and fragrant bloom!

We walked around for about 3 hours.  Then wandered back home and jumped in the car to head to REI.  Dan needs a ski pass for Squaw before heading up for this weekend.  They are cheaper there than on the mountain…plus no lines this way. 


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