2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 99 – Saturday, April 7

Saturday marks Dan’s first 3.5 tennis match at Golden Gate Park.  He’s a little nervous, but he shouldn’t be.  There’s not much difference from 3.0 to 3.5 other than consistency and a little harder of a serve. 

Dan left a little early to warm up.  So I walked over to Golden Gate Park later on.  Passing some of the most beautiful streets, as well as some of the ugliest houses.  Seriously don’t know what people are thinking when they choose bright mango yellow/orange for their entire house.  Line that one up next to the cotton candy pink one and the teal blue one and you’ve got gummy bear flavors. 

As usual, Dan reverts back to his push style game and frustrates the guy into losing in three long sets.  Dan’s gotta learn to go for it more and not just get the ball back in play.  That will come in time I suppose. 

My friend Fran from my 4.0 Presidio team just happened to be walking by, so we sat and chatted for a few minutes.

After Dan’s match, he went to work for a few hours.  I watched some Blackhawks hockey.  They were playing Detroit sucks.  Hawks win in OT shootout.  Sweet!


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