2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 111: Thursday, April 19

Even though I’m trying to get caught up with my daily posts and have been combining days, this Thursday gets its own post. The reason?  I spent the entire afternoon and evening drinking wine.  

The Spanish Wine Cellar put on an event at the Bentley Reserve building downtown.  All small lot Spanish wines.  I knew my cook/writer friend James would be up for it, Spanish cuisine is one of his specialties.  And I also knew my friend Fab would be up for it.  We snuck her into the industry only event.  

It was a pretty good event.  I learned a lot about the different Spanish varietals and regions.  Fab and I started out with white wines and cava.  James met us somewhere around the switch to cava (one of his personal faves).  Then we moved on to red.

James is fluent in Spanish.  I was semi-fluent in 6-10th grades.  Not so much anymore, but I’m still able to follow along quite a bit.  My friend Esther eventually made a showing and she hung with us the rest of the event and throughout the night.

By 5pm (we started at 1pm) we needed a change of scenery. We headed down to Palio and sat at the bar.  Dan joined us as did James’s friend Jim.  By the end I was pretty saucy and was ready to go home and hit the sack by 9pm.  Overall…pretty good day. 

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