2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Days 102 & 103 – April 10 & 11

Apologies, I got totally sidetracked and haven’t updated for a few weeks.  No real reason other than pure laziness and my inability to focus on tasks.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week involved doctor appointments, tennis and work.

My never ending saga with getting my root canal finalized.  I swear a tooth has never caused so much pain…to my face and my wallet.  This should be the final in a 4 part act of getting the permanent crown in place.  The doc missed the correct spot for Novocaine and I ended up with my upper face and eye numb.  Awesome.  

Afternoon was spent at my primary care’s office…to make sure I’m not having mini heart attacks.  My hubbie thinks I’m stressed out.  I have not a clue.  But an EKG, blood tests, and chest x-ray, and physical exam later, I appear to not be having heart attacks or stroke.  Good news.  But not sure what it is.  So doc put me on acid reflux meds just in case.

Wednesday I’m off to the chiro to fix my ever problematic back.  (Seriously… turning 40 this year, you’d think I was turning 80!) Chiro thinks my chest pains are related to my back issues.  He’s seen it a lot.  So we’re going to work on my back in the hopes of making the chest pains go away.

Much to my surprise and delight, my friend Reagan from Chicago was in town on short notice for work.  So I bowed out of my tennis practice to scoop him up from his hotel, have a glass of vino, dinner and catch up!  Dan met us at Vin Club after work and we strolled through North Beach to find a place for dinner.  I love surprises like this! 

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