2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Days 104 – 108: April 12 – 16

We have a lovely weekend in Tahoe planned.  Misty had a package she bought from Squaw, so I bought part of it from her to take the hubbie skiing for his birthday gift.  

Misty and I drove up Thursday.  Awesome snow for a few weeks leading up to this weekend, so the snow was awesome!

Thursday night Misty’s friend picked us up from the resort and drove us into Tahoe City for drinks and dinner at this cute place called Wolfdale’s.  Her friend knows the bartender, B.P.  So we sat at the bar, hung out and had some drinks.  It was a light night for all of us.  Except for B.P.  Apparently they love their Jager up there too, its not just for bartenders in SF.  A tall shot is called a Shaq.  And a small shot is called a Gary Coleman.  At least up in Tahoe.  

Friday both Misty and I had early morning calls.  But afterwards we headed back to Tahoe City to grab breakfast at Rosie’s.  Very eclectic place with wonderful food.  And wow did it dump snow Thursday night.  Misty’s car was covered with a foot of snow!

Then the rest of the day was spent at the spa.  Massages, body treatments, pedicure.. the works.  I wish I had the dough to do that every week.  I had a really great massage too.  So many times, when its your first time with a massage therapist, it isn’t great…good, but not great.  Much like the first time you have sex with someone new.  But my guy really dug in and gave me a very much needed deep tissue massage.

Dan arrived while my toes were drying from the pedicure, so we hurried up and I went out to give him a key.  Once we got cleaned up…off to Squaw Village we went to grab a beer in the sun and find somewhere for dinner.  

Saturday both Misty and Dan skied.  I did some work, worked out, then took the gondola up to high camp to meet them for lunch.  This late in the season there’s not much open up there.  So good thing I got there early and scored a table.  

We met back up with Misty’s friends for drinks late afternoon.  Decided we were all pooped and ordered a pizza to go for dinner and went back to the resort and watched a movie.  

Sunday, Misty skied again.  Dan and I went to Rosie’s for breakfast.  Then he took off for SF and a quick trip with him mom on the way home.  Misty and I hung outside and had a beer in the early afternoon, checked out of the resort and stayed out last night at her friend Patty’s house.  

We grabbed dinner at Plump Jack, sitting at the bar.  Had a pretty mellow night.  Monday we grabbed breakfast in Truckee and then hit the road home.

Man, I tell you, the culture up there is certainly a drinking culture.  I couldn’t hang there for more than a long weekend.  It’s exhausting!


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