2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 118 and 119: April 26 and 27

Thursday: Today is a bit of an errand day.  Catching up from being too busy lately.  I started off the day having breakfast with my friend Michele S. at Ella’s in Laurel Village.  Ella’s is one of my favorite breakfast places in San Francisco.  LOVE!  They always have really creative scrambles and omelets.  If you’re a sweet breakfast lover, try their pancakes and/or french toast.  True beauty at the breakfast table.  As I get older I can’t eat the carbs or sugar sadly… but someone should.

Next, Costco.  Costco is always such a zoo, no matter what time of day or day of week you go.  I think the best bet is just don’t go on the weekend and you’ll be in slightly better shape.  Totally stocked up on essentials…then back home.  Nothing else too exciting today.

Friday:  I start out the day heading back to the dentist’s office yet again to see about my tooth/jaw pain.  Doc said everything looked good, shaved a wee bit off the crown and sent me on my way.  Let’s hope that does the trick.

Graham (my Aussie friend in town), called and turns out he does have a few hours in the afternoon to himself to tour around the city.  So I picked him up from Fisherman’s Warf and gave him the grand tour.  Or at least, as grand as I could do in a few short hours.  

First thing I did was take him across the Golden Gate Bridge.  You can’t come to San Francisco and not cross the bridge!  First to Vista Point, just on the north side of the bridge.  Then over to the Marin Headlands for some amazing bridge and Pacific Ocean views.  A couple of stops over there.  You have to go all the way up to the top, get out of your car and walk around.  And you also need to stop at the first parking area you come to on the way up.  Those are some of, if not the best views of the bridge.  You get pretty close up and have San Francisco city in the background.  

Next I took him to the south side of the bridge, to Fort Point.  Unfortunately the fort entrance was closed, but we were still able to get a few good shots from under the bridge.  From there I drove him through the Presidio and along the coast.  I think the SF coastline looks a lot like Australia.  Very similar rocks, waves, water, etc.  

Onward towards Golden Gate Park.  But first, a quick drive through Sea Cliff neighborhood and 2 second stop at Lands End/Sutro Bath Ruins.  The winds are really picking up now.

We really didn’t have too much time to stop.  I drove him down to the breakers at Ocean Beach and through the park gate by the Dutch Windmill.  Past the tulip garden, buffalo fields, Stow Lake, Spreckles Lake and down to the Conservatory of Flowers.  We briefly stopped there to take a few photos of the outside of the building.  Then hopped back in the car and I drove him the back roads up to Twin Peaks.  Holy crap was it windy up there!  Graham literally snapped a few photos and jumped back in the car.  Chilly wind in SF always feels colder than it is.

At this point our time was about up.  I drove him down Market Street from Twin Peaks, through South of Market and on to the ballgame.  A fast tour, but a good one.  Graham finished the night off at a Friday night Giants game in a luxury suite.  Not too shabby.  I had some time to kill before Dan would be ready to leave work, so I rang up my friend Speedo that lives near the ballpark and he was game for having a glass or two of vino at his place before heading out for the evening.  So I took him up on it.  Dan walked over there from work later.

It was good to catch up.  I learned that Speedo is taking a masters course in military history.  He’s always had a keen interest in history and thought it would be fun.  It’s different than he thought, but learning a lot.  Only 6 weeks in…he’s got a few more to go.  

Speedo had to take off for a party downtown, so we dropped him off en route to meet our friend Meg out.  We haven’t seen her in ages!  Was great to see her and catch up.  We met her at this pub not too far from our house, The Pig and Whistle.  I used to go to this bar all the time after floor hockey games.

We were starving, so we grabbed a few sandwiches while we caught up with Meg.  After we were there a while, my friend Mary’s ex shows up with some chubby, not overly attractive gal on his arm.  I don’t think it was a date exactly.  They are recently separated and going through a divorce, so  date at this point would certainly seem odd.  He seemed to make a point of telling us he wasn’t on a date, so not sure what that means.  But she was pretty tipsy, not sure about him…always hard to tell with him.

But on went the night and about 11:30pm both Dan and I ran out of steam, so off to bed we went.

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