2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Days 112-114: April 20, 21, 22

Yes the weekend is here.  After our crazy night last night, we’ll see how productive I am today.

This company that I’ve been interviewing with is conducting a  background check.  Funny, over the course of my career, I think maybe only once did I ever have one of these.  This one went a step further than the typical check.  I also had to participate in an 1:1 interview with a third party background specialist.  They give you a 3 hour window too in which they will call you.  Like waiting for the cable guy!  That 3 hour window was 7-10am too.  Another sunrise for me.

The dude that called me was overly friendly and had happy in his voice even when asking difficult questions.  I’m guessing this is his way to try to make you open up and relax.  It was fine, nothing crazy.  But that’s the first time I’ve ever had a background check interview.  I later found out that I passed the background check and scheduled my next round interview.

Friday was pretty uneventful otherwise.  I went for a long hike through the Presidio.  Absolutely gorgeous day outside.  

Then met my friend Mary at Tia Margarita for drinks, early dinner and watch the end of the Giants game.  We like Tia’s.  It’s a local family owned Mexican restaurant that’s only 3 blocks from the apartment.  Francisco the bartender, makes crazy good and crazy strong margs too.  Gracias!

Saturday:  Dan had a tennis match in Golden Gate Park.  He’s been winning his matches.  Still playing singles.  Today was no different.  He tired the guy out and won his match in straight sets.  Dan then went to work for a few hours.

I had tickets for the opera down in San Jose.  Faust opening night.  I’ve never seen Faust before, so not sure what to expect.   Since Dan had to work I took my friend Fabiola with me.  We got all dolled up and headed down for an early dinner and the opera.  We grabbed a light bite at Loft in downtown San Jose.  Wasn’t really that impressed with their food.  Dan and I had gone there before and had good experiences, but not this time. Good enough though.  

We walked down to the California Theatre for the show.  I LOVE this theatre.  It’s an old 1920’s moving picture house that they’ve done an amazing job with upkeep.  Feels like you go back in time every time you walk through the doors.  

Last time I went to Opera San Jose I saw La Traviata and  loved it!  I’ve listened to the opera for years on CD/MP3, but never have seen it live.  It was a brilliant, tragic performance.  Faust on the other hand, well, I think it’s just a weird opera.  I didn’t like it nearly as much.  I think mostly due to the story line.  The performers did an amazing job.  Especially the guy that played the devil.  He really owns the stage and commands your attention.  I think I like just a bit more believable tragedy in my opera.

After the show, Fab and I walked over to the Fairmont lobby lounge for a drink.  This is another place that I really like the architecture.  There was a funky, classic rock band playing that of course drew all sorts of ‘white men and women can’t dance’ folks to the dance floor.  Made for good people watching though.   

Sunday:  Sunday was mostly a relaxing day with a little tennis tossed in the middle.  I had a match at the Presidio courts at noon.  My teammate and I won pretty easily.  So we relaxed afterwards and hung out with the girls.

I had another round interview with that company I had the background check interview with later in the afternoon.  The main guy was in town for a conference, so I met him at his hotel in Nob Hill.  I think the interview went pretty well.  Time shall tell the outcome.

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