2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Days 120, 121, 122: April 28, 29 and 30

Saturday: What an absolutely gorgeous day.  Dan’s mom drove in from Sacramento to watch Dan’s tennis match today and my match tomorrow.

We hurry over to Golden Gate Park, only to later learn that the other team had to default their #1 singles position.  A bit of a downer since Linda drove in from Sacto to watch the match.  I jumped out there and started playing with Dan.  Then asked Linda if she wanted to hit.  I know that it’s been quite a while since she played and would want to.  Sure enough, she did and went out there for about 15 minutes.  That was enough for her, but she had fun. 

Dan and I ended up playing a set of doubles against a couple of his teammates that weren’t playing in the match.  A couple of good 3.5 guys.  They beat us, but we played well.

We were all pretty hungry so we went to Q on Clement for late lunch/brunch.  I like this place.  They always have good food selections and I like their quirky decor.  

After lunch we just chilled at the apartment.  We even had Linda playing video games.  Bocce first, then frisbee golf.  She wasn’t too shabby.

We eventually made some dinner, watched a movie and called it a night.  She was staying over so she could watch my match tomorrow.

Sunday: I made breakfast for all of us.  I can do about a million things with eggs.  It’s the one thing I know how to cook really well.

My match was in the Presidio at the Fort Scott courts at noon. Dan’s sister Kristy even joined us.  I thought that my partner Cara and I were going to have our hands full with these gals we were playing.  They warmed up really strong.  But in the match they took their foot off the gas a bit.  We still had a really competitive match, eventually winning in three sets.  

Everyone was starving by this point, so we went to Angelina’s Cafe on California Street to pick up some sandwiches to go.  Took a little while (it was busy), but we headed home, sandos in tow and ate at the apartment.

Linda and Kristy left shortly after finishing late lunch.  Dan and I mellowed at home and watched some Sunday TV.

Monday: Morning tennis was cancelled due to a sick child of one of the gals.  So I went on a long hike through the Presidio instead.  What an awesome day.  April and May are two of the best months to visit San Francisco. The other two great months are September and October.  

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