2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Day 139 – Thursday, May 17

Day 2 of the downtown Napa media tour.  Hungover is the only word that describes how I felt after day 1.  I am going to need to put on my big girl shoes to survive, and be better about drinking less.

Bright and early, shuttle picks us up for breakfast at Grace’s Table.  I LOVED this place.  Farm to fork food.  They make their own doughnuts!  Doughnuts!  There is nothing better to a hungover person that doughnuts!  Everything was super fresh, from their baked goods to their jams, eggs and fruit.

Grace’s Table, Napa CA

I loved everything.  But be sure to try: Grandma’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts, Iron Skillet Cornbread, Market Fresh Fruit, Farmed Fresh Eggs: Chilaquiles with eggs, tortillas, tasso ham, cheddar cheese, pico de callo, lime creme fraiche, avocado and cotija cheese.   Chef said that he wants to be the “best little bistro anyone could find” and I’m pretty sure he’s achieved this.  I need to go back for lunch and dinner!

After getting back to normal with a solid breakfast, today is mostly going to be spent touring many of the hotels.  “Great” I’m thinking…a bit of a break from the nonstop wine drinking! Aha! Not so fast… basically all the hotels had bubbles or wine open to greet us.  Well…I don’t want to be rude, so I take a glass.  Hair of the dog you know!

Embassy Suites, Napa CA

We went on a full hotel tour… Embassy Suites Napa, Napa Valley Marriott, Avia Napa Hotel and the Napa River Inn at Historic Napa Mill.  All are unique in their own ways.  I loved the charm of the Embassy Suites and Napa River Inn and I totally dug the swankiness of the Avia Hotel.  I could see me staying at each of them.

Napa River Inn, Suite, Napa CA

Avia Hotel, Napa CA

By 3pm, everyone was ready for more wine.  We had a super cool Bordeaux blending event at District 4 tasting room.  We split off into teams and tried our hand at wine blending.  I love these exercises!  Makes me realize how grateful I am that there are people out there doing this that know what they are doing…cuz our group did not.  We think we know, but truly don’t know.  And as it should be… there is no way we could produce anything near what the pros make.

District 4 Wine Bar, Napa CA

It was a very fun experience and everyone got a laugh out of it.  But the time we were done I could barely tell bad wine from good though… I need a big old water!  My mouth was like the Sahara.

Ah, not so fast, Joseph, Jenna and I were primed to get back over to Back Room Wines and sample some of what owner Dan was offering.  He has a really nice selection of wines, from Napa, as well as from around the world.  He will customize a wine club membership for you too.  We didn’t have a whole lot of time however, we needed to get moving to the Chef’s Market.

Napa has a street fair called Chef’s Market that they put on every Thursday in the summer and this Thursday was the first Chef’s Market of the summer.  The streets are shut down to traffic and all the different stores have tables set up in the street.  Wine, food, art, jewelry…you name it.

Chef’s Market, downtown Napa CA

We wandered the fair for a bit.  Tried some of Gustovo Thrace’s wine (he’s one of the main characters in Bottle Shock).  Then hurried off to dinner.  Tonight we had a choice, Eiko’s for sushi or Tarla for Mediterranean.  I chose Eiko’s since my husband truly dislikes sushi…and I take every opportunity to have it.

What a fantastic choice!  We started off with the “Mojito of the Future.”  What a crazy, delicious, refreshing drink it is!  I felt like I should be drinking it at the spa!  They use liquid nitrogen, fresh mint, Dippin Dots and rum.  OMG…awesome! And the sushi?  GREAT!  It’s right up there with all the SF sushi places I love.  The Mayor joined us for dinner too!  So we got to hear more about the plans for the future.

Eiko’s Napa – Mojito of the Future

After dinner, there was no way I was letting Joseph suck me in to going out again.  I had a relatively calm day/night, and I needed some sleep!  So back to the hotel I went…totally crashed and looking forward to Friday!

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