2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Days 135, 136 & 137 – May 13, 14 & 15

After spending all that time in Sonoma yesterday, and with an upcoming media trip to Napa Wednesday through Saturday, I need to spend some time at home, rest by body and get some exercise in!  All this wine drinking is doing a number on the old waistline!  I thought red wine was supposed to be good for you!

Sunday: Mother’s Day.  My husband and his family finally figured out what to do for Mother’s Day, an easy-going pot luck lunch at Dan’s sister’s place in Oakland.  We stopped for some flowers and salad ingredients en route.  

It was a lovely day.  Dan, me, his mom, his aunt, his sister and his sister’s fiance all hung out and caught up.  I had a tennis match at 3:30, so I couldn’t stay too long.

I left for my match and headed to SFTC.  Dan and his mom and aunt were meeting me there later to catch the end of my match and so Dan could get a ride home.  My match was ok.  Me and my partner Cara had our chances, but we just were not playing at 100%, so we lost, and just in time for Dan and his family to catch the very tail end of the match.  Home I went, trying not to sulk about the loss.

Monday: pretty much the same as every other Monday.  Tennis with the girls at 9am at Mt. Lake Park.  Wee bit of work and a peaceful evening at home.

Tuesday: I kicked off the day participating in a focus group about body care products.  Interesting group.  Something about organic body lotions.  Got my $100 and off I went.

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