2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Week of May 20 – Days 142 – 148

This week is a very quiet week compared to last week, and it really needed to be.  I needed to catch up on some work, write a few article, play some tennis and work out so I could work off all the food and wine I had last week!

I literally don’t have anything on my calendar for Sunday, so I don’t even remember what I did.  Oh wait, I went to Dan’s tennis match at SF State.  My friend Michele joined me.  It was a bit hard to watch since they were on a middle court.  Lucky for me Michele was there to help pass the time.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were tennis days, two practices and one match.  That match was awful too!  My friend Theresa and I played together against this gals that literally had zero energy.  I found myself sort of mind wandering and not focused.  We should have won, at most, 6-2, 6-2, but instead we had to take it to a third set tiebreaker.  Thankfully we pulled it out, otherwise I would have been upset.  No reason to lose a match like that.  Just focus, play your game and get it done!

Wednesdays practice was the same as usual.  For some reason only 4-6 of us are showing up on a regular basis.  I dont’ know if people don’t care or its a bad night for them.  Fine with me, I get to play more tennis this way.  And this night, as the sun was starting to set, it reflected perfectly on the trees above in a way that was almost angelic.  I had to stop for a moment to appreciate them.  The camera does not do them justice.

Ft Scott tennis courts, Presidio trees

Thursday I met my old colleague and friend Asami out for drinks at our old haunt, Blanc et Rouge winebar downtown in Embarcadero 2.  We caught up, had a few glasses of wine, a light bite and eventually Dan met us there.  He drove (after 2.5 glasses of wine I certainly wasn’t) Asami home then home we went.

Friday began with a trip to Dr. T, my chiropractor.  My back is totally jacked up top to bottom.  There is no part of my back that is ok.  I’m forward thinking…eventually spine replacement?  Sign me up.  I think if I lose at least 15 lbs it will help.  But its hard to lose when your body hurts.  I will have to seriously limit my calories and physically do what I can.

On the way back from Dr. T., I drove through Presidio Heights where I used to jog when I lived in Cow Hollow.  I was driving past the old Lyon Street Stair workout I used to do a few times a week.  Those stairs were brutal, but you were rewarded with a breath-taking view when you got to the top.

Baker Street Stairs, Palace of Fine Arts background

Back in my car after a short stop to reflect back on my stair days, I then stopped at the produce market to pick up some essentials.  I love our small produce market.  Half the price of Safeway, almost all CA local and super fresh.  Dan and I stayed in Friday night.  Made dinner and caught up on items in our DVR.

Saturday Dan had a match at Golden Gate Park.  As usual, he went early to warm up and I walked over later.  On my walk I pass through the Rose Garden.  Last time I went through it wasn’t blooming, but this time at least half the garden was in full bloom.  It was fragrant, peaceful and beautiful.  I could stay all day there, just taking in deep breaths and relaxing.  But Dan’s match was starting so off I went.

Golden Gate Park Rose Garden

Golden Gate Park Rose Garden

Golden Gate Park Rose Garden

Dan’s match was agonizing!  He played someone just like him, fast and a back board.  No one could hit a winner.  Their match went like 3.5 hours and it was only 2 sets!

Dan thought that he’d go back into the office to get a few more hours in, but I could tell that he was beat, so I gently nudged him to stay home with the promise of massages for each of us.  After hour long massages, neither one of us was up for going out.  We were too relaxed.  So we bailed on plans to head to some Flamenco show with our friends and curled up on the couch.

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