2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Thursday, June 14

The next few days are going to be very busy.  Lucky for me my friend Shiller scored tickets for the US Open being held at San Francisco’s own Olympic Club.  Double lucky for me, I have friends that make their own schedules and can go with me on a Thursday.

US Open at Olympic Club, San Francisco, CA

My friend John was the first to raise his hand, so he wins! I have friends that live walking distance to the Open so I was able to park in their driveway and just stroll in.  It was perfect! Sadly, the Open doesn’t allow any cameras or cell phones in.  Total drag! I was hoping to take some great photos and tweet updates from the course.  Alas, my plans were thwarted.

It’s odd to not have your phone on you all day.  At first its a little panicky, but then you relax and really enjoy the time away.   So that’s why you only get these few photos.

John at the US Open, Olympic Club, SF

Both John and I were starving so after being admitted, we hiked up the hill and found our way to the course.  It’s a beautiful course, full of towering eucylpus trees.  They really did a nice job setting up the Open here.  It hardly resembles what it normally looks like.  Viewing stands around the greens, tons of tents, pavilions and platforms.  Even extra touches like flower boxes everywhere.

John and I work our way up the course watching some golf along the way and eventually find ourselves at the Trophy Club to grab some much needed food and a few cocktails.  John had the brilliant idea of ordering John Daly’s.  Not knowing what it was, I asked.  It’s an Arnold Palmer with vodka.  Brilliant!

We finish up lunch, grab a John Daly for the road and head to the 18th green to watch some players finish up for the day.  And what a gorgeous day at that.  Sunshine, only a few clouds in the sky and not too breezy.  I could stay there all day.

After a while we decide to wander around the course.  We make our way to several holes and see some great shots.  Nothing too crazy happening this early in the tournament.  There is a lot of golf to be played.  Outside of the Trophy Club, they only have beer and wine.  No cocktails.  So we had to retire from the John Daly’s and move on.

You would think in San Francisco they would have killer wine…not so much.  Shitty Beringer and something else shitty I can’t recall.  I guess just because the tourney is near wine county doesn’t change the fact they have shitty wine sponsors.  Oh well.  We switched to beer… and Bud at that.  Blah.

Looks like Tiger and Furyk are doing well at the end of the day.  After about 5 hours of wandering around and watch as much golf as either of us can consume in single day, we headed back to the car.  Great day.

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