2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Friday, June 15

Today is going to be a great day.  I have not a double-header, but a triple header! I hope I survive.

Part 1 – US Open

Thanks to my friend Shiller, I have tickets for the Open for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  I took John yesterday.  Today, another John.  To eliminate confusion, we’ll call him by his nickname, Speedo.

Speedo meets me at my place early and we hit the Open by 9am.  Another beautiful day in San Francisco.  It’s a bit of a miracle considering this is the time of year when the fog begins to roll in with a vengeance.

Similar to yesterday, we roll around the course and pick our spots to get glimpses of the golf greats and up and comers.  We spot Ernie Els, Phil Mickelson, Jim Furyk and Tiger.

We spend some time at the par 3s at the greens to see the various approach shots and short games, hoping to see an ace.  But no ace for us.

After a couple of hours at the Open, it was time to move on to part II.

Part II – Napa, Mondavi Winery

Today marks the anniversary of Robert Mondavi’s birth.  It would have been his 99th birthday.  Upon arrival we are greeted with smiling faces and a glass of their Fume Blanc.  I check in with the media/hospitality folks and they give us the grand tour.

We make it there just in time for the 2nd of three webcasted toasts.  One at 5p in each of the US time zones.  After the toast we are guided to the wine and food pairing room.  Delicious goat cheese balls with their Chardonnay.   Short ribs with mushroom risotto with the Cabernet Sauvignon.  I really liked the Cab.  Our guide tells us that if we like that Cab, then let’s head to the reserve tasting room for more.  Um, twist my arm.

OMG, what great Cabs in the reserve room!  Do a flight tasting of all the Cabs.  The most amazing one in the lot was definitely the ’99.  They were pouring it for the 99th birthday… you can’t find much of this anymore.  If you can find it… buy it!

Our time in Napa was growing short.  We hit the road and started back south to the city.

Part 3 – Downtown San Francisco

We dropped my car off by my house and I rode with Speedo back to his place in SOMA.  Later that night I was having dinner with a friend who is in visiting from Vancouver.  We were heading to ZeroZero in SOMA, walking distance from Speedo’s house.  We popped open a bottle of wine to kill an hour before I had to head to dinner.

I met Dan and my friends over at ZeroZero.  It was a big group…my friend, her boyfriend and about 4-5 clients of hers plus Dan and I.  I was already feeling a bit spent from the day, but I had enough in me to at least make it through dinner.

The food was pretty good…I don’t think it warrants all the crazy raving that it gets, but it was good.  The rest of the group wanted to head out after dinner, Dan and I didn’t have it in us, so we took their rental car back to our place, brought their bags up and hit the sack!  Pooped!  There was a lot of drama that evening late night… but that’s a story for another day.

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