2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

June 11 – 14

Monday, June 11

I needed a breather after the madness of the weekend up in Sonoma.  I took it easy for the most part.  Today consisted of tennis in the morning with the ladies at Mt. Lake Park.  Then in the afternoon I went to part 1 of 4 of this headache study I’m participating in at UCSF.  I got to check out their new-ish ballpark location.  I can’t believe how much stuff is down there at Mission Bay now.  Its impressive.

Tuesday, June 12

Another calm day, thankfully.  I have to get there where I can.  My schedule is quite nuts lately.  I started off having breakfast with my good friend Vanessa down in the Marina.  It was her last day of freedom before heading back to work after being off for maternity leave.  She brought the newest nub with her, Matthew.  In the afternoon I ventured down to South Bay to eBay to do a usability study for them.  They wanted to get opinions of people that are not regular users of theirs.   Then a nice, calm evening at home with Dan in the evening. Ahhhh.

Wednesday, June 13

Instead of usual practice, we have a match tonight over at the Cal Club.  This is the team that is undefeated all season.  Sadly, we came up short again, losing 2-3.  At least we’re right in there… not getting blown for the court 0-5.

Thursday June 14

Today started off with me heading back down to Mission Bay for part 2 of 4 of that headache study.  I thought this was going to be a breeze.  The first part was just a basic exam, functionality, vision, that sort of stuff.  This part is the MRI and PET scan.  I’ve probably had 6 MRIs for various injuries, and have never had a problem.  Well, I’ve never had one on my brain.  So this one was a wee bit tighter of a tube.  They pushed me into the tube, my arms scraped the sides of the tube and I instantly starting have a panic attack / clausterphobic reaction.  I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it.  But I calmed down, crossed my arms one over the other and gave it another go.  This time, my shoulders were clear and I was totally fine.  The PET scan was a piece of cake by comparison.  A joyride even.

US Open Golf backdoor entrance – Thursday

I had to bust a move and get home to get ready for my friend John to pick me up to head to the US Open of golf later that day.  My friend Shiller scored tickets somehow and since he lives in DC, he sent them my way.  Score!  John and I got dressed in our golf best and ventured out to the Olympic Club.  We were definitely overdressed, but I’d rather be over than underdressed any day.  Parking was going to be a disaster, they closed off most of the streets right in front of the club to traffic.  Lucky for me, I have a friend that lives right behind the club and a whole 2 blocks from the back door entrance.  We’re more back door sorta folks anyway.

John at US Open, Thursday

We walked in and found out that they weren’t allowing cell phones into the event.  Wha???  No social updates in real time?  They really have to get with the times and those golfers need to grow a pair.  Every other sport has to deal with the sounds of shutters of cameras…get used to it and be grateful anyone cares to take your photo.  So sadly, I snapped a few photos there then we checked our phones and headed to the course.

We were both starving, so we walked along the course, checking out as much golf as possible en route to the “Trophy Club” whatever that was.  It was listed on our ticket as us having access to it.  We eventually wind our way around and find it.  It really isn’t anything too spectacular.  I was hoping for more, but happy enough to have a place to sit in a tent, get some food and a drink.  Now, I just have to vent briefly about this…the wine.  Now here you are in beautiful Northern California, home to Napa, Sonoma, Livermore, etc., and you’re pouring shitty Beringer wine???  Not even reserve options, just regular old shitty Beringer wine.  Completely disappointed.  They could have really done a wonderful wine room there with local wineries… ball…dropped.  So we opted for John Daly’s.  What’s that you ask? Why its an Arnold Palmer with vodka.  Brilliant!

We ordered another Daly then headed to the 18th Green to watch some of the golfers coming in.  We got there just in time to see Tiger coming in.  And at this point, it was only Thursday, so he was in the lead.

After putting around the course for a few hours, having a few drinks, and taking in as much golf as two non-golfers can, we hit the road.



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