2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

Sunday, June 24th

Brilliant day for the Stern Grove Festival summer kick off.  This is the 75th season of free concerts at Stern Grove.  What a great reason to celebrate.  The Sonoma County Tourism Bureau agrees and has asked me to be their VIP guest, complete with parking, picnic table VIP seating and as much Sonoma food and wine as we can consume.

Stern Grove VIP lounge

Stern Grove is a free concert festival that takes place in Stern Grove Park every Sunday in the summer.  The sponsors and donations and now VIP seating you can purchase/reserve really keep the show running.  This season kicked off with a fantastic show: The Glide Choir, Sly & the Family Stone and Anita Baker headlining.  I’m not a huge fan of any of them really, but what a fun show and atmosphere.

My husband refused to go.  I guess sitting in the sun sipping Sonoma wine and nibbling on Cow Girl Creamery cheese isn’t his idea of a good time.  That’s ok, I’ll bring a girlfriend and she’ll appreciate it.  The music is merely a backdrop.

Stern Grove VIP Lounge with Fabiola

Fab was totally game to go.  Dan dropped me off at her place in the morning and the two of us ventured down to Stern Grove and to our parking lot about 1pm.  The shows all start at 2pm every Sunday June-August.

I’ll tell you, this is the way to do it.  VIP all the way. Normally you have to get there early, about 11ish just to try to get a spot to sit on the ground and then wait it out til 2pm.  You have to park a mile away and schlep all your stuff to and from the concert.  Overall it is a wonderful experience either way (check out my article I wrote about it last year), but the VIP is the way to go.  We arrived, parked, walked about 200 yards, were greeted with wine and took a seat in the sun.

My connections at the Sonoma bureau met us over there later where they brought lovely Sonoma wines, cheeses, fruit, breads and other snacks.

Stern Grove VIP picnic tables

It was just icing on the cake that the music was fun and upbeat and miraculously, not a drop of fog.  Sunshine the whole afternoon.  Perfect!

Stern Grove Festival – wine + music shell


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