2012 – A Day In The Life Of Perk

June 30 – July 4

Saturday June 30th

Woke up with some epic, typical summer SF fog.  A little mixed doubles practice in Golden Gate Park started out my day, followed by hitting the Oyster Festival in the park.  Pretty good day for tennis, the fog broke some.  Not too hot, not too cold.  I had my layers in by bag ready for the inevitable weather change to cold later at the fest.

Golden Gate Park tennis, SF CA

This is the first year they’ve had the fest in the park and I have to say… THUMBS DOWN.  Wow! I don’t think they did anything right.  Erin and I were just buying tickets that day.  The line for us was quite short, nearly non-existent.  The line for people that pre-paid for their tickets, an hour plus.

Oysterfest, Golden Gate Park, SF CA

We had to pay cash to get in, and it’s cash only throughout the festival. Huh?  Isn’t this San Francisco? Aren’t we like the technology capital of the world?  We should be able to pay with our phones people!  I’m parched and starving since I haven’t eaten anything since before practice.  We have just enough cash left between the two of us to grab a beer and jump in the one of 3 ATM lines.  That line takes 40 minutes, only to get to the front and have it run out of cash.  Hmmm.  A lot of people bail, we move forward in line.  About 10 minutes later the ATM was up and running again and we had cash to get food and another beer.

The line for oysters look to be about 90 minutes long… not gonna happen, I’ll chew my arm off first.  We jump in the shortest line we can find (sausage sandwiches), grab another beer and find a spot on the lawn to pop a squat and enjoy the fruits of our labors.  Seriously…had been there over 2 hours and finally was able to sit down.  Ridiculous!

The bands that they had were a bit young, so the crowd, usually a nice mix, was very young as well.  As a result there were a lot of drunken 21 year olds with zero regard for anyone around them.  Another strike!

Oysterfest, Golden Gate Park with Erin

Erin and I lasted for about another hour and then had enough.  Dan was awesome enough to come pick us up so we didn’t need to walk all the way back to our places.  Sweet!

I was happy to be outside and hanging out with my friend in the park, but those were the only positives I can say about the Oysterfest this year.  Hey Oysterfest… learn a thing or 5 from Outside Lands will ya?

Sunday July 1

Not a lot happening today.  We have our final home Presidio 4.0 tennis match at 12:30.  But alas, the fog strikes again and our courts are wet.  Lucky for us, the team we are playing against, SFTC, is nice enough to let us move the match to their rooftop courts in the always sunny SOMA neighborhood.  I played with Cara and we easily won our match.  And the team won too and that put us into the playoffs.

Monday July 2

Today Misty and I get to meet little baby Cristina.  We picked up a few goodies and went over to our friends place to meet the new nub, catch up and have some brunch.  She’s super cute and Cristina looks like she’s having a ball being a mom.  It was good to hang out with the girls and chill.

Cristina & new baby

Tuesday July 3

Jumping on an airplane to ORD today to begin my week long annual 4th of July trip back home to Chicago.  I just love Virgin America.  I wish they flew everywhere.  I have a lovely, uneventful flight, hop in a cab and land at my friend Rhonda’s place in Lakeview.  It’s like 1000 degrees compared to SF.  Nice and hot and humid.  Just like I like it.  But it will take some getting used to!  Rhonda is working from home today and still has some work to do.  So I change into my tennis clothes, hop in her car and drive to meet J for some afternoon tennis.

We have an early morning lesson with my brother in the suburbs and he always totally works us over, so I figured I better try to get used the weather quickly.  I think J and I actually lasted on hour on that 100 degree court.  Not too shabby.  It was at that point a few cold beers were calling our names louder than the court.  Off we went to catch up and cool off.  My friend Wied met us there from work and we all had one more.

J, Wied, Rhonda and Jackie

Back at Rhonda’s got cleaned up and changed.  A small group of us are going to grab dinner tonight.  J went out and picked up some wine to pre-game at Rhonda’s.  We all had such a great time we sort of missed our window for dinner.  Me, J, Rhonda, Jackie and Wied.   We wandered around for a while and ended up with long waits everywhere.  So we elected to order in pizza, grab some snacks from the grocery store and some wine.  Perfection.

Wednesday, July 4

J crashed with us over at Rhonda’s that night since we had to leave about 8am to get to the courts with my brother.  Man it was so hot outside, Rhonda’s AC was at full blast and it was still 85 degrees in her place.  Eventually I was able to fall asleep.  We pulled ourselves together, had some light breakfast and off we went.

Total on the courts it was me, J, Rhonda, my sister Carrie and sister in law Abbie.  Johnny totally worked us over, as expected. But it was good.  Our group was large enough that we got little breathers here and there and it was early enough that the super serious heat hadn’t hit yet.

Hot sweaty mess after 110 degrees on court

After tennis we went to my parents house so I could see the rest of the family and have some lunch with my tennis partners.  The nubs were happy as ever to see me.  Disappointed that Dan wasn’t there, but still happy.

Hung out with the friends for a bit, then they took off back for the city and I had to get cleaned up for the annual 4th of July party at Whammer & Deb’s house.  It was so damn hot that no one wanted to be outside at all.  We usually have the annual whiffle ball game and volleyball match…but no dice.  Everyone stayed in the safety of the indoors.  It’s also the nub’s birthday party too.  Her golden birthday today, happy 11th birthday Nub!

Nub birthday

As a result, the party was tamer than usual.  Still had a good few drunks, but the party ended early and we were back at my parents house before dark.  We shot some basic fireworks off with the kids and called it a day.

Gang at Whammer’s bar

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